Trials! The trials of the three remaining G20 arrestees will begin on Tuesday June 30, with a Melbourne mother facing charges of riot, affray, and criminal damage. Following this, two Sydney men will be facing charges of aggravated burglary (carring a maximum prison sentence of 25 years) for their alleged 'crime' of being armed with glitter and water pistols on the 13th of July. We urge supporters to attend the Melbourne County Court and show their solidarity with the arrestees on the above dates. Solidarity demos: Starting at 10am, trials to commence at 11, on Tuesday June 30 and Monday July 13 at the Country Court (Corner of William and Lonsdale streets Melbourne).


WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP 1. While some G20 arrestees will be eligible for legal aid or are receiving pro bono support from a legal firm, some will need to pay for their own legal costs. Some potentially face fines of several thousand dollars. Please consider making a donation to help cover their legalRead More