What you can do to help

1. While some G20 arrestees will be eligible for legal aid or are receiving pro bono support from a legal firm, some will need to pay for their own legal costs. Some potentially face fines of several thousand dollars. Please consider making a donation to help cover their legal costs. Email afterg20@gmail.com for further details on how to make a donation.

2. The publishing of the faces of 28 people by the Victorian Police in The Age and through the Crimestoppers website was a major invasion of privacy and potentially limits these people’s right to a fair trial. If you read any misleading, unfair or incriminating journalism about the trial you can submit a letter of complaint to the Press Council online at http://www.presscouncil.org.au/pcsite/complaints/compform.html (see also the Statement of Principles and Code of Privacy Standards at http://www.presscouncil.org.au/pcsite/complaints/priv.stand.html)

3. You can write letters to the editor, and phone in at talk-back shows, to challenge the mainstream public perception of the events happening at G20.

4. Do not give any information to the police about the G20 protests or protesters if you are asked. Use your right to silence and contact a lawyer if you have any concerns.

5. Actively challenge the idea that it’s okay to dob in G20 protesters.

6. Email  afterg20@gmail.com if you have any questions or need any support in relation to the G20 arrests.

7. You can add your organisation/groups name to the list of supporting organisations to the campaign.